Think about the life-changing inventions of the world - wheel, electricity, vaccinations, aeroplane or internet. None of them would have been possible without testing, experimentation, passion and challenging assumptions. Partner with us. Recognise the importance of innovation in early-cancer test development across the health care ecosystem.

Since the art of making fire and creating handcrafted tools, our civilisation has come a long way. Science and Technology are making progress at an amazing pace.

The progress in life science is enormous.

Because of Science and Technology, the lifespan of people increases. 500 years ago, the average lifespan of people was very short. People died due to various diseases which are now easy to cure .
At Glycanostics, we are developing highly innovative tests for the detection of eleven types of cancer using magnetic beads-based ELLBA to detect glycan changes.
Our technology is covered by 5 PCT patents. The initial focus will be on the diagnostics of prostate, breast, lung, and pancreatic cancers.
Currently, there are no other glycan-based technologies approved in these therapeutic areas. Our solution brings a novel and unique approach, a true revolution in cancer diagnostics.