Supervisory board

Michal Nešpor

Founding Partner at a VC fund investing into early stage companies and startups, managed by CB Investment Management.

"I am very pleased to have Glycanostics in our investment portfolio and to support a break-through innovation in healthcare that will bring a strong benefit to patients world-wide. Whether it's cancer or other serious health threat, the search for a solution starts with, and depends on early and accurate diagnostics, which is often live saving"

Miroslav Mulica


"I am pleased to be part of the team which I consider a unique combination of scientific expertise and friendly human beings, that joined forces to address one of the most pressing issues in the medical field globally."

Branislav Hóz

Investment Manager at Crowdberry

“Health is immensely important to each and every one of us, and thanks to the talented people at Glycanostics, the market will soon have the most advanced method for early and accurate prostate cancer diagnostics. It could save many lives all over the world. Moreover, the fast-growing segment of biotech, value of which is growing globally, is surely destined to success. These are the factors that convinced Crowdberry’s investors to provide the company with growth capital. This sends a clear message that, instead of owning the shares of a listed US company, investors prefer to co-own Glycanostics and take part in bringing a Slovak product to the global market”