Who we are

We are an innovative start-up company ready to reimagine medicine via early-stage, highly accurate and unique cancer diagnostics

Glycanostics has developed a highly innovative test for diagnostics of prostate cancer using magnetic beads-based ELISA to detect glycan changes.
Glycanostics is an innovative start-up company established in 2017 to take its revolutionary cancer diagnostics to the US and EU markets. The company was founded by Jan Tkac and Tomas Bertok, two remarkable scientists who have gained international recognition for their scientific work, as well as prestigious grants and awards such as Scientists of the Year (Slovakia), European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator grant, ERC Proof of Concept grant, Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions ITN, etc.

The company‘s CEO, Eva Kováčová, brings more than eighteen years of experience in the area of complex international pharmaceutical mergers, acquisitions and licensing processes, gained mostly during her work at GSK.

Glycanostics has received a highly prestigious ERC grant, EIC Accelerator grant and last year we received Seal of Excellence from EIC Transition scheme.

Glycanostics is also a winner of various start-up competitions, such as:

CE Startup Awards – Best Health-Tech and Best Social Impact Startup

Startup World Cup & Summit for V4 Countries and finalist for year 2020


By developing diagnostics test with unique technology based on glycans we will diagnose 11 cancer types in early stages with high accuracy


Create a world where CANCER will be diagnosed early and treated successfully