This year, a well-established IT company from Slovakia ESET launched a prestigious ESET Science Award for exceptional scientists to increase the popularity of excellent scientists. Among all the scientists nominated, the winner of the main category and recipient of 100 000 € became Jan Tkac, CSO and co-founder of the Glycanostics company. All finalists were carefully chosen and a winner was announced based on a recommendation of a panel of international experts, including Nobel prize laureate Erwin Neher.

“He focuses on the research of glycans for the diagnosis of some oncological diseases. What he appreciates about science is freedom. He sees in it not only the collection of knowledge and skills, but also the possibility to use them. He admires those types of people who motivate others to use their full potential effectively, such as Greta Thunberg and Peter Sagan. What is more important than trying to live a long life is doing everything we can to protect our blue planet from becoming overcrowded, too warm, dry or wet soon.”

– writes ESET about Jan.

Moreover, Tomas Bertok, a co-founder of the company Glycanostics was listed in the Top 5 finalists for the category under 35 years of age.