Important step for Glycanostics with CBIM

Glycanostics and Crowdberry Investment Management took an important step towards achieving its vision. On Friday 7th May 2021 we signed an investment agreement to gain key resources of €310,000 for Glycanostics. Crowdberry’s Investment significantly accelerated our strong effort to save many lives across the world via our non-invasive Prostate Cancer Diagnostic Test.

The Crowdberry investment platform enables private investors to invest directly in Czech and Slovak companies and real estate. It has been changing the way companies are financed since 2015. Companies can raise capital for growth and business development in a transparent way with the possibility of integrating their customers into the ownership structure and gaining access to the ecosystem of innovative companies known as smart investors and partners. So far, Crowdberry investors have provided capital worth more than €30 million to companies such as Footshop, GymBeam, MultiplexDX, Boataround, Ecocapsule and others. At the beginning of 2021, the company introduced a real estate fund of qualified investors in Prague, CB Property Investors, that focused on investments in real estate with the potential for increasing value. In Slovakia, Crowdberry manages an investment fund in the amount of €23 million through a subsidiary called CB Investment Management to support start-ups.

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