On 3rdOctober 2019, PCT application titled “Means and methods for glycoprofiling of aprotein” (applicant Glycanostics, inventors Tomas Bertok and Jan Tkac) waspublished under publication number WO 2019/185515. This patent applicationcovers the main principles and company´s IP used during the diagnostic assaydevelopment.

Patent abstract: Thepresent invention provides magnetic carriers, anti-glycoprotein antibodies, theantigen binding portions thereof, one or more lectins, compositions, kits,methods and uses based thereon including uses in methods for glycoprofiling ofglycoproteins using lectins, e.g., in diagnostics of cancer. The magneticcarriers, anti-glycoprotein antibodies, the antigen binding portions thereof,one or more lectins, compositions, kits, methods and uses based thereon areapplicable to any glycoprotein.