New project: € 2.5 mil. funding signed for Novel serological glycan-based biomarkers for screening of breast, lung and pancreatic cancers
Až okolo 14 percent pacientov s rakovinou prostaty zachytíme na Slovensku v pokročilom štádiu ochorenia. Foto N – Tomáš Benedikovič

The Glycanostics cancer screening technology detects glycan changes (complex carbohydrates) attached to a protein in the blood. It is highly scalable  due to the following unique characteristics: detects early-stage cancers that can be missed with imaging techniques (small tumours too); gives quantitative & qualitative info, so we can monitor the disease progress; is affordable, no complex equipment is needed; is fast, easy, minimallyinvasive & accessible; reduces false-positive results leading to unnecessary imaging, re-imaging and/or biopsies; is fully compatible with automatic machines developed; and potentially applicable for the screening of several cancer types.

In this Seal of Excellence EIC-Transition project, we will mature technology and business readiness of our patented screening technology in particular for three cancer types with high incidence & mortality rates, which are screened by imaging techniques since there are no reliable serological biomarkers.

Therefore, our aim is to identify & clinically validate serological biomarkers for screening of: breast cancer, lung cancer, and pancreatic cancer. We will perform clinical validation of biomarkers for each particular cancer type using serum samples. The outcome from the clinical validation study in a form of the Receiver Operating Curve will be the identification of key clinical parameters such as the area under the curve, accuracy, sensitivity, and specificity for individual biomarkers or for biomarker combinations. Such clinical parameters will be critically compared with the performance of the current screening imaging techniques.